Our Formulas are used in both Self-Service Car
Washes and Full Service Car Washes!

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Powders are                          Liquids are
available in:                         available in:
50 lb. Boxes                        5 gal. Buckets
100 lb. Kegs                       15 gal. Carboys
450 lb. Drums                       30 gal. Drums
                                            55 gal. Drums

Combination Pre-Soak  NEW*     40Lb. Kit - Why ship water?  



Liquid Pre-Soak - If you don't care for mixing your soap.

Wizzard - Cherry scented Cleaner. Mild foamer, outstanding cleaning.

Fast & Foamy - The liquid version of *Kleen Kit High Foamer, outstanding cleaning.
Call for details 1800 373-0601



Lo pH Pre-Soak

KT-8210 Gemini - Safe Acid Cleaner - A great "Step 1". High Foamer.
Call for details 1800 373-0601 




KT-840 - Our best selling Pre-Soak Powder. High Foamer, Great Cleaner, Great Economics. Call for details 1800 373-0601



Tri Foam Polish

Fancy Foam Polish - Comes in Red, Blue or Yellow. Cherry, Lemon or Unscented.


Foaming Brush Soap

Sho' Foam - Comes in Red, Blue or Yellow. Cherry, Lemon or Unscented.

Mo' Foam - No dye. Great Foamer. Comes unscented or Orange Fragrance.



Foaming Weather Barrier

Weather Warrior - This is an amazing polymer formula that will shed water and snow from your vehicle protecting it from the elements. Comes in Green or White. Orange fragrance or Unscented.



Tar, Asphalt & Oil Remover

Apeel - dissovles tar, asphalt, adhesives and more right off of the surface. Clear-coat safe.



Plus hundreds more formulas to try....

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